Computer motherboard is one of the key elements, defining the optimal functions for stable performance, functionality, and longlivety. Its task is to provide stable and reliable connection, joining all software and hardware.

If you are currently looking for an appropriate motherboard, consider several things.

1. Set the budget. It is much faster to pick up a proper motherboard in case you know, how much you are ready to spend for it.

2. Set the priorities. If you prefer complex approach, spend 2/3 of the budget for functional part, so your computer will be equipped with advanced kit of features, ensuring flexible control over most of features. In case fast speedwork is more significant, price accents will change.

3. Chipset. Microcircuits defining functional peculiarities of a motherboard allow to reveal all opportunities of CPU. It is necessary to decide, how complicated tasks your PC is going to handle and whether you are going to upgrade it in the future.

4. Micro, mini, maxi. Motherboards are available in several basic form factors. Lately, functional difference between them was reduced greatly, so it is possible to choose highly-functional motherboard for any type and size of devices.

5. RAM. As a rule, all modern motherboards support current RAM variants. However, it may be more difficult to find the optimal solution for high-speed RAM – options might be limited, as well as system logic kit.

6. Graphics and sound. If you are going to use integrated graphics, check the capability of a chipset and presence of slots for launching a screen. High-quality sound card will serve for years without necessity of replacement.

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