For whatever length of time that PC and keen gadgets exist, Malware and Trojans won't seize whether now or later on. There is a worldwide assault of this Malware called

Ransomware on every shrewd gadget and PC and they are profiting from it.

NCC, in an announcement, said the

Ransomware is equipped for tainting and scrambling all records on a framework or any brilliant gadget until a sum is paid for a decoding key, or different methods for recovery (which may prompt information misfortune) are utilized to recuperate the framework as an option. 

“This situation demands that proactive measures be taken by all players in the telecommunication eco-system to forestall the hazards of critical data loss, financial losses and ultimately network/business disruption.’’

The ransomware hackers have succeeded in infecting over 300,000 computers over the weekend and make $US60,000. They use anonymous bitcoin
wallet to collect their money.

So if you are a Telco or Subscriber, NCC Urges you to do the below;

>>Update your Software to the latest Microsoft Patch release in March. Android and other platforms should do the same.

>>Don’t open e-mail attachments/links from unknown sources;

>>Do not click pop-ups and applets on unknown websites and installing effective antivirus software for their mobile devices.

All operators are to ensure continued deployment of effective firewalls, login passwords and antivirus management regime.

This is global and its becoming serious. Don't fall victim.

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