OKPAY is a global online payment service provider, and it supports customers from all around the world. 21 major fiat currencies are supported, hence you will be able to cater to the needs of customers from many countries with one payment solution.

OKPAY is a major player in e-currencies sector, the online payment service, it was opened since 2007 and has grown to a global scale.

The service provides a OKPAY Mastercard payments for you and lots of other services that a traditional bank would not do and you can also purchase or sale cryptocurrencies such as  BitCoin, litecoin, DogeCoin at a current rate. That is you can exchange your okpay to cryptocurrencies and sent it to your wallet. And you can also make withdrawal to your local account for minimal fees.

OKPAY is a trusted online payment service provider that has been in the market for a while. They are quite popular and widely used by those who routinely execute money transfers in US Dollars between banks and popular payment platforms.

OKPAY really seems to be keeping their fees on the low side.It has one of the lowest fees on the market (account top-up from 0%, internal transfers from 0.5%, and withdrawals from just 1%)

Okpay allows the users to remain anonymous as long as they are doing transactions of $300 or less. But when it comes to larger amounts, they take you through a scrutinous verification process to make sure you’re a real person.

Sign up for OKPAY and start accepting payments instantly.

OKPAY Operations

General Operations

Add Money - For your convenience OKPAY implemented various funding options: bank transfers, electronic currencies, phone payments, money transfer systems, etc.

Withdraw Money - Using the form below you can move funds to a bank account in the supported currency. Wire withdrawal requests are processed by OKPAY Financial Department during business hours.

OKPAY E-money Operations

Send Money - Send funds to another OKPAY user or to anyone knowing just the recipient's email address. If successful, the operation moves the money instantly.

Mass Payment - Mass Payment allows making multiple payments instantly, thus saving time, money and the hassle of having to individually send funds to every recipient.

Request Money - Create an invoice that will appear in the payer's account. The recipient can find out more about the invoice issuer (you), make a payment, postpone the payment or reject the invoice.

Internal Transfer - Make an internal transfer of funds between your account wallets.

Currency Conversion - Here you can convert the money in your account from USD to EUR, from EUR to GBP, or to nearly any other convertible currency. Please see the complete Currency Exchange Rates in the OKPAY system.

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