I love making money online through investment programs, that is why am always looking for a legit way to invest my money and stay at home relaxing while receiving daily,weekly and monthly incomes into my bank account. This is what i called ''Putting Your Money to Work For You''.

Today I will introduce you a legit company where the company bring investors together to invest in development projects or to buy properties for the buy-to-let market. This is what is called Crowdfunding investment.

How It Works?

1. Registration:- If you are not a member of winthrills Network =>Register HERE

2. Browse our properties:- Handpicked investment opportunities from around the UK, providing a diverse range of property investments and helping you keep your eggs in a few baskets.

3. Crowdfund:- Then just choose a property and crowdfund using a debt or credit card, or online bank transfer. Transactions are completed online. Manage your portfolio online by checking returns.

4. Receive income:- Make your money work for you and receive monthly income on our projects. On request, income is paid into your account from 25th-30th of the month. We charge only 9% for our service.

5. Exit your investment:- These Properties are sold after a fixed term, shown clearly with every investment report. Your crowdfunding will also end after a fixed term. We make our profit when you do as our aim is to align our investment goals with yours.

Below is the project that i invest my money to earn for a duration of 120days.Note that investing into crowdfunding is not like any kind of online investment that you put small amount, so i recommend you to put more money to earn good profit. My Plan is to invest 200K so that i can earn above 1k everyday as my profit.

  1. What is it all about, what is the minimum amount I can invest

  2. Hello admin please what is the minimum amount someone can start with.


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