Are you a publisher looking for a legit and paying advertising network for your blog/website? YesAdvertising is one of the best google adsense alternative to use.

YesAdvertising is an online advertising network. It is a product of YesUp Media Inc, which is a very well known online and offline advertising company.YesAdvertising provides publishers an opportunity to monetize their blogs or websites with their high paying ads whereas advertisers can reach their targeted audience by promoting their products on top websites.

YesAdvertising provides full control to publishers. As a publisher you can select the campaigns of your choice or you can let the system select it for you. YesAdvertising offers various ad formats for both desktop and mobile devices. You can even customize your ads to improve their performance.

YesAdvertisng uses CPM, CPC and CPV pricing models to pay its publishers which ensure that you will be paid for everything that is, impressions, clicks and conversions. YesAdvertising offers high eCPM rates, provides full control, pays quickly, offers multiple payment options and a great support.

YesAdvertising doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirements and even you are not required to submit your website for approval, which mean once you have created your account then you can instantly generate ad tags and place them on your website to start earning money through their system.

Ad Formats:
  • Text Banner Ads
  • Graphical Banner Ads
  • Pop Under Ads.

Minimum Payout:
  • The minimum payout: 50$.

Payment Frequency: 
  • Weekly basis.
Payment Options:
  • PayPal
  • Check
  • Payoneer
  •  Wire Transfer

Average Earning Rate:
  • Average earning rate of CPC: $0.01
  • Average earning rate of CPM: $0.07
  • Average earning rate of Pop under: $1.4

Referral Program:
YesAdvertising offers a good 10% referral commission program to its users.



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