What is Tokunbo?

Tokunbo market is not only Nigerian phenomenon. Used appliances, devices, and cars from Europe have gained big popularity in many countries - not only in Africa but in Eastern Europe and in mid-Asian countries.

So, once the person has an opportunity to buy his/her own vehicle, the question arises - what kind of car to buy? However, a number of desitions to solve this issue pop ups immediately. You can buy a car or a national production - or Tokunbo car from Europe. So where can you find a good dealer with tokunbo cars for sale?

Pros of Tokunbo cars

To buy a car in official car salon is very expensive at the moment, but if you have got much money, it is the best option. The only drawback of cars purchases from authorized dealers is the price of new cars and the cost of maintenance, and if you maintain it by yourself, it means the loss of the warranty. Therefore, a good alternative would be the purchase of a vehicle that has been used in Europe. Thus, you have a chance to buy a car, which was not "squeezed out of all the juice." And talking about Nigerian used cars, it is better to abandon to purchase old models because the quality of our road surface and the climate conditions are not good for the car, unlike the European roads, which are just fine for these cars. Another undoubted advantage of European used cars is their owners. The Europeans, for the most part, respect the rules of the road and take care of their cars very well. They do not leave the garage at a temperature of -15 or +40 Celsius degree. And do not delay to repair their car even of minor breakages until the vehicle is broken. Another plus of European used cars is their price, which is lower than that of new cars.

What are the pitfalls of Tokunbo vehicle market?

Not everything is so nice as it may seem. Among Tokunbo cars you can find virtually pills of scrap metal, drowned cars, and "constructors" made of parts on several cars. Many unfair sellers are trying to sell such garbage as fast as possible. They will never agree to visit service center, chosen by the buyer, so note this! Therefore, professional car distributors offer to carefully choose used cars!

On Jiji, you can compare different sellers of similar cars, as well as see from the first look what's wrong with this deal. Or you can call the seller and ask for previous car check in the maintenance station! Only here you can find out all the issues about the desired car before the purchase! Chose Jiji for Tokunbo car deals and get lots of interesting propositions! 

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