Are you a new blogger or site owner and you are looking for best alternative to google adsense with a high eCPM rate? I come across a neet and undisturbed pop ads network which you can start using now with the little traffic from your site and earn money from them. I start using them yesterday and am seeing good result from them so i decide to share it with my fellow bloggers who want to make money from ads networks so that we can see the result together. This ads network is called SisterAds.

Below is my earning for yesterday as a starter:

Kindly read about SisterAds  network below:

SisterAds is the highest paying ad network on the market, specialized in pop under. You can also set your ad frequency to best suit for your websites. All of these settings, if tweaked nicely, will result in higher earnings for a publisher. SisterAds doesn`t get charge back, you earned whatever you see in your earning report. SisterAds is a new pop under ad network on the market and so paying publishers up to 80% of advertisers investment.

All you need is an account in our system and your domains approved. Currently, we pay publishers on daily basis for that you need just good traffic on your website/blog. SisterAds pays its publishers more than google adsense, Bing/Yahoo ads networks and other top known and this is just for
promotion of our network.

A publisher can request withdrawal of revenue any time in paypal or other payment mean. Usually, you will see money in your account within 24 hours. Your earning is deposited in a kind of wallet, so you can also use them to buy pop under traffic to your own websites.

  1. We pay publishers average $10 eCPM rate and not below $5, if you have unique visitors from US because of high paying advertisers on our network.
  2. SisterAds promise to offer our unconditional support and build a reliable relationship with all our publishers.
  3. We pay more for long term partnership with us.
  4. Starter websites with good design and quality content are most welcome.
  5. If you have unique traffic from USA contact us We can Pay You More.
The Best Reasons to Join Us as Publisher:
  1. Easy implementation of our system. Just copy and paste our code.
  2. We offer the highest eCPM rates average $10 and not below $5.
  3. Currently we are paying high eCPM only for US unique visitors.
  4. Almost all sites are accepted and reviewed very fast.
  5. Real time stats to inform you in live of your incomes.
  6. Payment mode paypal/wire transfer and other
  7. Daily/Weekly/Monthly payment after request.
  8. Our support team assist you at any time.
  9. Very quick domain approval
  10. Minimum Payment $10
Are you ready to start? SIGN-UP
  1. God help me.. let me try it... Google ads disabled my account, adcash disapproved my request. Ori mother mi oo.. my mother head follow me

    1. try using bidvertiser , its a good alternative to asdsense

    2. Yes bidvertiser is also good

  2. blogg isn't accepted. subdomain sites not accepted

  3. Thanks @farouk I have sign up but I don't know how to make their advertisements show on my blogspot. Help me pls

    1. Goto my website and submit your site URL for review

  4. When I was creating account, In account type I mistakenly select advertiser instead of publisher. How can I change it

  5. sorry how do i submit my url in your site?? and what is your website please

    1. Not my site, I mean under my site in your sisterads account

  6. sir please may I know how long it takes, I've been waiting for them to approve me for over 48 hours now

  7. Thanks for this info, would see the site.

    From Entclass.com

  8. i am akolapo from Nigeria. I have two blogs and one tube website, i am running only sisterads on my adult site and two blogs with adsense and sisterads, sometimes my average CPM rate is higher than average adsense CPC. I talk to its support on skype and she told me, i will be paid daily if i will have premium account for i must have 10,000 visitor/day from tire-1 countries. I have only 6000 visitor/day and earning $9/day
    I am sharing my experience with you because of High CPM rate and good skype support, i got an email from sisterads after receiving my payment and that says if i am happy with sisterads then review about it Hurrahhhh


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