Today I am introducing you another Multi Level Marketing (MLM) called Helping hands international (H2i) which help a lot of people realize their dream and become Millionaires now. A lot of people are scared of MLM but today I have plenty of proofs that will cleared your mine and help yourself to become someone in feature.

Helping hands international is an NGO (NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION) which major aim is charity work, they take care of the less privileged ones, widows, orphans, poor etc. It was founded by Mrs MARC-ELVIS LUZVIMINDA she is a Philippine that lives in Japan. She founded h2i to carry out the above listed charity work, reduce poverty, train people freely on different skills, and also a life time investment for members H2i was formed by her 9 years ago, but h2i came to Nigeria 2013.

Mrs. Luzviminda Mac-Elvis

 Founder, CEO

H2i has a Good number of Sponsors Like GLO, Diamond Bank, Hyundai, Apple Inc, Hp etc. how believe strongly in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Plenty of people own cars, Houses and laptops from H2i while you are behind searching for a job from Government or companies for more than Four years now while there are plenty of opportunities around that you did not realize them for many years.This is the right time to help yourself and change your life for the better and empower you financially.



1: You will contact the person that introduced h2i to you make payment then he/she will process your account and send you your account information when it's ready. (H2i is a team work)

2. N6,600 or $40 is for 1 account
    N13200 =2 accounts
    N19800=3 accounts
And so on

3:After your registration, you will introduce atleast two people to register under you,and this two people will introduce two persons each to register under them.That moves you to stage 2.

4: In stage 1 you must have 6 people under you before you can move to stage 2.

5: $8 is paid into your ewallet immediately you refer a person.


$26-$48+$10 bonus

Level 1-NIL
Level 2-$100
Level 3-$200
Level 4-$300
Level 5-$400
Total matrix bonus $1000 +an ipad/laptop

Stage 3
Level 1-$200
Level 2-$300
Level 3-$500+Dubai trip,all expense paid.
Level 4-$500
Level 5-$1500
Total matrix bonus $3000 + a brand new car(Hyundai)

Stage 4

Level 1-$300
Level 2-$300
Level 3-$500
Level 4-$900
Level 5-$4000
Total=$6,000+Executive Hyundai Jeep
Empowerment for 1 motherless home
Interest free loan $12000 ,on request
5%matching bonus to uplink $300

Stage 5
Level 1-$2000
Level 2-$10000
+ Housing fund $40,000
All expense paid int'l trip
Education fund $2000
Yearly infinity bonus $5000
Elite club loan $44000
5% matching bonus to uplink $600

Board of trustee(Director)
Trustee bonus $800000
Global profit pool yearly $10000
Residual income for life$10000
Become a director in next line in country to be launched with 1%commission paid in all sign ups from such country
2 orphans from any orphanage home in ur neighborhood for scholarship award .
2people from your religious settings to be empowered. Attending AGM in Hawaii, USA, PARIS.

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Visit: http://helpinghandsinternational.biz/ufarblog to read more about H2i

For more information about Helping Hands International H2i contact me now

Email: ufarblog@gmail.com

Phone no: 08032128675

WhatsApp: 08032128675


For Faq click HERE

  1. H2i is so damn real my cousin's now have 1million in just 4 months & he's getting his third laptop next month, just can't wait to join

  2. Ufarblog please add this number to your WhatsApp group 08142289585

  3. I dnt bliv these is nt a bank so hw dose it yield interest


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