Hi guys, how are you all doing. Well it has been long since I had made a post,
but now am back.

Ok let's go into today's topic, well you guys know that I have made a post about Myads Before. But now there is an upgrade to this great app.

Now you can now register for Myads with A network of your choice. This is really great.

For me this app is really great. I have made N1000 with it on my own and N500 from refferal. Yesterday I even redeemed #300

So to join simply:

1: first download the app from http://bit.ly/1TMvvet

2: verify your number

3: use the refferal code ( getairtime100)

4: start earning

Thank you

  1. do i get anything after verifying

  2. Dos dis wrk like sliide airtime

  3. Something dat u can't cash out have use it I got more Dan 200 naira but I can't cash out

  4. please oga faruk how can i accumulate point on myads i don't have knowledge on it ?

  5. I was unable to cash out from myads so what should I do

  6. Did you know you can shorten your urls with Shortest and earn cash from every visitor to your shortened links.


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