Are you unable to login into two accounts on one device, or you feel too annoyed to switch between different game accounts frequently? Did you want to protect your apps privacy when your phone is not with you and distinguish between life and work on your device? If Yes then Parallel Space App is the best application to install on your device.

Parallel Space is a revolutionary app that allows you to simultaneously sign into two different accounts on a single Android device.No need to installed any modded app on your device now.

How it works:
Parallel Space creates a separate space in your Android phone. Users sign into one account through the app icon downloaded to the phone directly, and the other through the app icon in the Parallel Space application itself. Switching identity is done in one tap, without needing to log in and out of separate usernames.

Here Are The Features Of Parallel Space
• Powerful, without occupying all your phone storage : As small as 2MB.
• Secure: Parallel Space does not take any unique personal user information.
• Messenger apps: To connect with different contacts on a second account.
• Social apps: To share separate photos with different accounts.
• Gaming apps: To play with two accounts at the same time and double up the fun.
• Compatible with most Android apps.

Where To Download Parallel Space

Click the link below to download and install Parallel Space on your devices now

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