Nowadays protecting your smartphone is like your are protecting your identity.Majority of people nowadays use to manage almost everything on thier smartphones whether it's a typical phone call or online banking etc. and now those smartphones become prime targets for hackers everywhere in the world.

Hackers can now get into your phone and even get access to your camera and your microphone. So here's how you keep them out.

1. Make sure you only download apps from a trusted app store and also watch the app reviews before downloading it.

2. Avoid any sign that says your phone may be infected is if it's using a lot of battery power.

3. Lastly, there are a number of downloadable security apps that can detect malware on your phone,download the best security app from a trusted app store for your smartphone.

Experts say one popular and reliable security app is Lookout. It can scan your phone once a day or once a week for potential malware.
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