A useful kitchen gadget is making great buzz in the over its ability to detect if refrigerated meat is still good enough to be eaten or not.

FoodSniffer checks the temp and humidity of raw fish, beef and poultry, and its “eNose( artificail nose)”  senses any foul gases given off as the food spoils.

“I had alot of food poisoning  in the past,” explained FoodSniffer’s creator and CEO Augustas Alesiunas in an email to the Daily News.

The FoodSniffer detects if the meat in your refrigerator is good or has start to spoil, or spoiled.

The device's "eNose" sensors perform a bio-organic test to "sniff out" when the  meat has start to spoiling or not.

So this is how it works. The user points the device to the questionable material. Then open  a companion app in his or her smartphone that shows the results of the the test. The results will tell whether a meat is fresh enough to be eaten, or the spoilage process has begun, but the meat is safe to eat if cooked well or is spoiled completly.This gadget cost $130

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