Are you a blogger or website owner, always looking for an alternative to google Adsense to make money online? Today am introduce a new ads network that pays every 2 weeks via PayPal or bank transfer which is called Advertopia

Advertopia is a CPM advertising network serving a large volume of ads to the publishers. They have lots of premium advertising campaigns and thus allows you to increase your revenue from your online content.

Advertopia offers very high payouts CPM compared to other ad networks and they are not strict in terms of approval. But you should definitely have good quality content to get approved with a minimum of 5000 monthly impressions

Advertopia pays every 2 weeks via PayPal or bank transfer and guarantees 100% fill rates. With industry high CPM rates and low limit payouts of just $20 and they also provides great online support for their advertisers and publishers

You will also get a signup bonus of $10.

Join Advertopia today and start earning more advertising revenue from your Website

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    Am sure everythink was filled

    1. you normal data not vpn or proxy

    2. Am using my normal data 4GB From etisalat

  3. use chrome browser set it on desktop version, and try again if not successful, try using a PC, Oga Farouk I hail you

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