As we all knows that Android devices are the must popular device nowadays and everyday new device are coming out from different manufacturers all over the world.In addition developers are also busy developing thousands of android applications everyday while android users are also busy downloading and installing the apps on their devices.

Now Android smartphones have become a popular target for criminal hackers looking to steal personal information and break into bank accounts.

According to researchers at the Slovakian security firm ESET say they've discovered a new strain of malicious Android software called Spy.Agent.SI that could be particularly dangerous to users.

As they said the malware, targeting 20 of the largest banks in New Zealand, Australia, and Turkey, locks up the device's screen unless users give up their login credentials. The malware can also capture text authentication codes sent out by banks.

Hackers disguised the malware as a version of Adobe Flash Player, a widely used tool that runs video and animations on Internet browsers. As with most malicious tools that target Android devices, Spy.Agent.SI only impacts users that download their software from unofficial third party mobile application stores instead of Google Play.

Once you download it,the Spy.Agent.SI prompts the user to grant it access that makes it hard to uninstall the malware.

Kindly check your application manager now to see if you have Spy.Agent.SI


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