Hi guys. Today I learnt there is a new virus for android, which android hackers use to gain access to your camera, microphone, read emails, read text, install other virus, visit other sites and do what ever they want. Well the upside of this is that the newest version of Android is safe and that the virus is not that out, but is spreading everyday. Let's take a more closer look to it.


The threat is called "rooting application". It uses flaws in the Linux kernel which is at the heart of the android to gain root privileges. For those that does not know what root access is, well root privilage means giving a app the ability to do whatever you want on the phone.

Once the rooting application is installed, hackers can use the access( as I had already said) to gain access to your camera, microphone, read emails, read text, install other virus, visit other sites and what ever they want. And because its in the root level, its very hard to get rid of.


A good news is that the rooting app won't be found in the Google Play Store. Google usually scan for apps like that and block them. The only way to get it is through third party app stores and untrusted stores.
Even if you don't use third-party app stores, you can still get it from emails or text that tries to trick you into downloading and installing the app.

You can also reduce the risk of getting this virus by going to Settions>>Security and make sure you untick " unknown sources". Your phone will not install any app except its from the Google Play Store.

Google also claims that its verify apps feature in Android will detect and stop known rooting apps from installing. But, there might still be unknown ones lurking.

Its also good for you to have an antivirus installed in the phone. Because it will help you defend your phone
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