Early 2016, a blog was launched by two Nigerian brothers Bezzy and GozkyBrain MyWapTutors.blogspot.com 
MyWapTutors is a tutorial blog. Its major aim is to teach the general public mainly things concerning technology. On a brief interview with these brothers, we found out that teaching these things was more of a passion, and they are turning it into an occupation. 

So relax as i bring you bit from the interview.

Ufarblog - What is the url of your blog?

Brain - Our blog url is www.MyWapTutors.blogspot.com 

Ufarblog - Tell us a little about your blog please.

Bezzy - Uhm, MyWapTutors is an online concept aimed at educating the entire public at the comfort of their bedrooms. We've got money making tips that is online money making, we got free browsing tips, also we got great application reviews which aid in our technical tutorials. MyWapTutors is an amazing experience i must say.

Ufarblog - Great. Okay what prompted you into MyWapTutors? What was the motivation?

Brain - Personally, i am a kind of person who likes teaching, it makes me feel grand. That attention i get when 'my students' listen to me teach, its really a turn on.

Ufarblog - And Bezzy, what about you?

Bezzy - Brain has said it all. I am one talented teacher when it cones to technical tutorials, and blogging on MyWapTutors was the best i could think of.

Ufarblog - Tell me about your posts, how do your fans react to them.

Brain - They really get loud i tell you, permit mhe to share my 3 top posts that are still making waves on their facebook timeline and the rest.

=>5 Cool Businesses you can do while in school. Here i talked about businesses, because students kindof usually go broke. So instead of doing jobs that will disorganise and distract you, that is where MyWapTutors come to play.

=>How to Cartoon your Pics with AutoDesk This technical tutorial came at the right time 'cos fans kept saying they need to cartoon their pics even without a lappy. I only saw this as the remedy and true talk it worked.

=>The New Super Proxy for MTN MusicPlus My fans kept returning to this page, i was so so happy. They wanted a replacement for magic sim, and there it was.

Hope you guys enjoyed the little conversation with these bloggers, to stay updated on technology and tutorials, Log on to www.MyWapTutors.blogspot.com. Learning never ends and online earning seems to be the best.
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