This is for those who has registered for the easyhit4u post I made earlier today.

One thing I noticed it that when, anybody register. all he/she wants to do is to just start the exchange process. So as to start receiving traffic.

That is a wrong move. Yes you will receive the traffic equally, but you don't want traffic that will not return. especially if your site is new. Let look at some trick that will help you gain returning visitors.


One mistake I notice that alot of people make on easyhit4u is that, they don't specify there traffic geo-location.(traffic location). Let me explain.

Let's say your site is about Mtn, Etisalat cheats. But you know where you want your traffic to come from, which is  Nigeria right, you don't expect a person from America or india to be following your site. That will  lead to waste of your credit.


You can see the  Geo-target option in the advanced settings, when adding a site. Like for me my website is all about tech news and gadgets so my Geo-target is north America and South America. You Can Check My Website. Click Here


For you to get returning visitors, you must make sure that your website has great content and is updated frequently. So as to make visitor to keep returning to see what new stuff you have. Like this blog and mine.


On Easyhit4u or any other traffic source you will need to specify you language option. Because not all people can read English. You can add this effect by using the Geo-target option. But a great way to bypass this is to add a translate option in your site.

Thank you

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