Many young people are as talented in writing as i am, but the talent is gradually fading away because writing brings forth nothing. Today i bring good news to you.

Are you a writer or you can't just do without writing? You have to come home today and just stop writing it for fun. Some people need your write ups and are ready to pay for it. Yes, its what I know. Its high time you add seriousness to your writing skills.

If some people write stories for you, you will be like reading another one from same author. But how?. Some people's eyes are not open yet likewise they don't have the knowledge to exhibit this great opportunity. I will be discussing some points, where and how you can turn your great writing skills into greater money. Not all those social media where you crack jokes and that's all. Something has to be done.

Before we start, you might overlook this post with the mind that you don't write and you don't want to become one. But let me tell you, everyone has the great potential. And what are we saying, cool and legal money is derived here. Are you an inspirational writer, story writer, comedy writer, minute writer and other thing you might be writing, I have brought to you great chances.


1. Form writers group:

Form an environment where you get more and better skills. Here you think, meditate and cogitate together with people of the same mind sets. Here you put together opinions and others. The fact that you don't go beyond your comfort zone doesn't mean you are the best, but when you come together with those that even know more than you, it makes you better. Its what I have experienced before, you can do it. And for those that has not started writing but have the passion for it - You also need this alot, join writers groups and learn something new.

2. Publish:

Let me tell you something important, Publication is the glory of a write up. This is a means people get what you are writing not you just write and keep inside your wardrobes. A story between Sir Isaac Newton and Leibniz, due to my research and findings, Leibniz was the one that started differential equation first and not Sir Isaac Newton. But you know what, Leibniz wrote chapter by chapter then kept it with the mind of publishing them when he is done. But Sir newton published immediately he finished writing each chapter.

The world believed he was the founder of differential equation. Though a lot of arguments popped up and were solved. So, I'm advising you too, publish your writeups. No book is too small to read. Even bulky books scare readers from reading them. Even myself. I am allergic to big books, I can't read them. When you publish, you reach more people and money comes in by selling them.

3. Be a smart writer:

As you know the world has turn into another great things. You can't even rate the level of technology. I wonder what will be happening in the next ten years. Be a smart writer by upgrading yourself with the internet. Surf, surf and surf. In fact you will even accumulate some momentum concerning writing skills.

You know what some writers are doing nowadays?, they write books, sell them and at the same time publish it on the net for people to read it. With that, they earn money in two folds with one product. But how can you do that, its not hard.

Just create your own website or blog, put your write ups there and see miracles. It may cost you some money but, see, you have to put fuel into machine before it can serve you. Work until you get what you want. Get the facts, Get the right informations and share what you know.

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