For fans like Gozkybrain who have issues with the eye, then this app is for you. The eye is a really delicate organ and is also the part that gets the effect of mobile addiction. So today, i'm sharing these best apps to protect your eyes even after prolonged phone operating.

Screen Dimmer

You can easily change the screen brightness from high to low levels and can set the time when you want to automatically on and off the screen dimmer. This screen light dimmer app filters the blue light and turns your screen in to soft brown and soothing red color for easy reading.

Lux Lite

Lux Lite is very popular screen light dimmer app because it detects the atmosphere and automatically changes the screen light according to it. It provides you light slider to control the light up to your desire. This screen light dimmer app is free from ads and best for the astrologers who want to know the future. If you also want to know about the upcoming events of your life then please read about the professional astrology apps for android.

Dimly – Screen Dimmer

This screen light dimmer app has a user friendly interface and elegant design to give a professional look to your android. You can easily test which brightness level and screen filter is perfect for you because the app allows you to see the preview of it.

Night Filter

Often it becomes difficult for you to face the blue light of the screen at night and day times. So this screen light dimmer app for android lets you to get rid from the scorching blue light and change the color of the screen and set the brightness automatically and manually as well.


Dimmer is best for all those who prefer to study at night on android. It allows you to have a complete hold on the screen brightness and change it from high to low and low to high levels. You can trigger the screen light automatically and manually. Dimmer is also a fast and easy to use android screen light dimmer app.

Night screen

Night screen app has the ability to modify the default screen light of the android and if you turn off the app then you can also restore the previous light settings. Just a single click enables you to start and stop the screen light dimming function.


This screen light dimmer app works just like the above applications and proves to be very much helpful in controlling the screen brightness to a modified level.

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