As we all knows that every bloggers aims is to make money online and want to maximize his incomes in all possible ways. That's my aims too and my blog earning is always growing. And my second aims is to help my others who have interest in blogging.

Today i will like to share one of my source of incomes from my blog which is called Infolinks. This company was started in 2007 and since then they have helped thousands of publishers make extra money from their websites. Most of publishers are satisfied with InfoLinks in-text advertising ads and are using it as a good alternative to Google AdSense.

Today i receive payment from from this network and it makes me remember that there are a lot of people like me who are looking for best Adsense alternative so that they can earn online from their blog or website.So i decide to share my payment proof to those that thinks there is no way to earn from your blog or website unless you are using adsense.


Four (4) Reasons Why You Should Join Infolinks

1.Easy Approval

2.No Specific Widget boxes Required

3.Maximum Monetization

4.Easy Funds Withdrawal

Infolinks Payment Threshold

Infolinks has a minimum payout threshold of $50 if you are using PayPal, eCheck, ACH,Western Union, Bank Wire and Payoneer as your payment mode and your earnings need to exceed the minimum payout threshold for your selected payment method before you can receive your earnings.

Payment Proof

Infolinks pay on time, which is 45 days after reaching payment threshold. Here is my payment proof of Infolinks.

Start Earning money with Infolinks Now.

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