Our Non Stop Magic IP is still alive, active and faster than before. Non Stop Magic IP is my favorite IP when it comes to downloading large files, updating and streaming. For those that says Non stop Magic is down they are 100% wrong.

Most people understand Magic IP and knows how to make it connect faster. Am very happy about that because is part of our aims to make people understand what we teach.

There are two main things you have to put in mind when connecting non stop magic ip.

1. Be Patient

2. Believe on it

Been Patient is what i always do when connecting any magic IP. So when it comes to Non stop magic ip, i use to connect it when am about to sleep in the night so that when i wake up in the morning i will start the day with connected non stop magic ip.

Believe on Magic IP is another part the you have to in your mind when connecting it, any time you loose hope then you will miss out. As long as kb is reading when connecting it means something.

If you don't know non stop magic ip click HERE

Always visit magicproxies.ml to know more about Magic IP

  1. Add me 2 ur WhatsApp group I beg 08082392824

  2. The ips stoped working since yesterday. Any help

  3. The IPs aint working anymore...please is there any problem? Come to my aid Sire

  4. ufar plz add me to your group


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