If you are blogger using blogspot and you are planning to apply for ExoClick ads Network as a publisher this message belong to you too. Earlier this morning i received a mail from exoclick company regarding to Site rejection after applying as a publisher to show their ads in magicproxies.ml  which reads as follows.

''Hello farouk,

I am contacting you from ExoClick Customer Services regarding your site rejection.

Your site was rejected as we no longer accept BlogSpot sites. However we do accept other blog sites like Wordpress or Tumbler for example.

As of the 22nd April a company decision has been made to no longer accept Blogspot websites on our network.

The reasons for this are:

1) For our advertisers they are unsatisfied with the performance of their campaigns on such sites.

2) For publishers the earnings from such sites were very low and some clients have found it difficult to meet the minimum earnings threshold.

This decision was only taken after careful consideration, and we appreciate you maybe disappointed, however should you own any other types of site we encourage you to add them to our network instead.

We want to work with you as soon as we can so please ensure you follow the criteria below to get your site approved immediately. If you do not meet these your site can not be approved.

1) Make sure it meets all our guidelines www.exoclick.com/guidelines.php#publishers

2) Ensure there is sufficient and recent content that will make visitors come to your site so that our advertisers will want to spend money advertising with you.

3) We have no problem if you want to work with other ad networks but if there are many banners/pop-unders or pop-ups your site will not attract our quality advertisers and you will not make money for your site. Too much advertising and not enough content and your site will be rejected

Please also read our FAQ's http://www.exoclick.com/help/?cat=publishers for other useful information.

For any other inquiries you may have, we are more than happy to help you 24/7.

We look forward to getting your site(s) approved soon.

Best regards,

ExoClick Customer Services

Now you have to move to plan B, you either look for another alternative or you move to WordPress if you want to earn from ExoClick Ads Network
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