Pc users can now enjoy kodi tv using simple server internet connection, you don't need to use any mobile hotspot now. You can now set proxy and port on your kodi tv and get full internet access from your pc simple server and you will enjoy live streaming on your pc.

How to configure Kodi tv for PC with Simple Server

1. Make sure your Simple Server is connected to internet

2. Open your kodi tv on your Pc

3. Go to System => Settings

4. Scroll down to System and click on it

5. Change your settingsLevel to Expert

6. Then Scroll up to internet access

7. Tick Use Proxy Server and set it as:

Proxy Type: HTTP


Port: 8080

Now you are good to go

Exit the Kodi.Tv and relaunch it again

Start enjoying kodi tv on pc with your Simple Server connection

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  2. Am having similar problem, it stops & starts over.

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