Today i will show you how i connect my XT181 and Psiphon for Pc together to have full access to internet connection, save and secured. All you need to do is to have both XT181 and Psiphon on your pc then connect them all and enjoy unlimited browsing on Pc.

How to Get started

Click HERE to download Psiphon for Pc

Click HERE to download XT181

After the above softwares

Open XT181 app and connect it as you normally connect, by selecting profile and click listen

Now goto your Psiphon for Pc and set it as follows

=>Go to Settings

=>Scroll down to Upstream Proxy and click it

Then set Hostname as and Port as 8080

Now click connect and wait for the Psiphon to show connected

Then go to your browser and set it to use system proxy settings


  1. My modem keeps on disconnecting each time I use MTN BBLITED

  2. Psiphon is disconnecting while streaming videos on phone.

  3. my XT181 shows me error "Address already in use (#10048 in Bind)" how do i solve it

  4. Boss please give us new x-t181 that works like the last one you realeased with canada and us IP...its really good and still working but the canada IP is totally blacklisted and not good again...Pls give another with strong US IP and canada AU IP..GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY


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