You can now redownload the New XT181 vpn, this XT181 has MTN Bblite profile, MTN Musicplus profile, MTN 2go data profile and Etisalat social pak profile so you can easily switch to any profile you wish and enjoy free browsing with full speed.We will keep on updating the servers when is down.

Where To Download NEW XT181 By ufarblog

Click HERE to download XT181 on your Pc

If you are NEW to XT181 click HERE to learn how to use it
  1. please is there anyway to make this faster. i find that ss is faster in the same location. xt181 has potential tho

  2. please sir does this vpn have a mobile version.
    which vpn works with mtn bis on android?

  3. pls mine is showing me address already in use(#10048 in bind) when the port is on 8080, but when i change it to either 80 or 3128 it will connect but will not browse. pls any solution?

    1. my XT181 is showing address already in use(#10048 in bind), when am trying to connect, so if i changed d ip to 80 or any other one it will connect but will not browse. any reason for that?

    2. ok redownload the one in our download page

  4. I can't change to different profiles


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