Psiphon vpn is still the best among the vpn's. Did you know that you can use psiphon vpn without any hostaddress and port? Psiphon vpn can connect with Etisalat social pak without any Proxy server like tweakware vpn, and is very fast when browsing with it. For those that don't want to use proxy server can simply follow the steps below to enjoy psiphon without hostaddress.

Note: Make sure you have stable Network in your Area

How to Use Psiphon without Hostaddress and Port Using Etisalat Social pak

Set your mobile internet settings as:

APN: etisalat
Proxy: blank
 Port: blank

1. Make sure that you have Active Social Me or Chat Pak sub

2. Launch your Psiphon handler, Set your Handler settings as:

Tick Remove Port

Set Proxy type as Real Host

Then Set Proxy server as: twitter.com or facebook.com or mobile.facebook.com

Real Proxy Type: HTTP

Real Proxy Port: 80

Click on Save

3. Now, under OPTION settings then go to more Options


Close the Psiphon handler

Now Re-Launched the Psiphon handler and go connect it then wait for it to connect successfully


  1. thank so much broda it works....
    i tested it wt my psiphon
    buh i hv disconnect it
    am using http injector for d sub
    ufar for life.


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