Now that we have Http Injector and it has a config file, one day the proxy and port inside the config file can stop working or reduce speed, so we decide to show you how to create your own personal config file for http injector with your own favorite Ip and Port without waiting for someone to upload new config file.

Creating config file for Http Injector is very simple and you don't need any additional to create the config file, all you need is the Http Injector app. Now follow the steps below to create your own personal and fastest config file for Http Injector now

How to Create Config File for Http Injector

STEP 1: Launch the Http Injector app and go to right Menu and click on Clear Setting/Data, so that the entire existing Config file will be removed

STEP 2: Go to left Menu and Click on Payload Generator

STEP 3: Now under Payload generator, Input the following details

Url/Host: mobile.facebook.com

Request method: Connect

Injection Method: Normal

Tick Box: X-Online Host

Then Click on Generate Payload

STEP 4: After Payload is successfully Created, Go back to your http injector app home

Then Input your remote Proxy -ip: port as

Then Tick the Start SSH box

STEP 5: Now you need to Input your SSH Server Login details, At the left Menu click on SSH Setting and select your Connect Mode, SSH Host, SSH Port, Username and your Password. As shown below.

STEP 6: Now you can START your Http Injector and enjoy your personal config file.

How To Save your created Config file to your SD card

STEP 1: At the Right Menu Click on Export Config 

And set it as:

=>Config File Name: Type any name you wish

=>Mark Lock config and prevent editing

=>Then unmarked Lock all option below

=>Mark Payload and Remote Proxy

=>Then unmarked SSH Host and Port and SSH Username and Password

=>Under Message/Note for users: You can write any message you wish to display when importing config file

STEP 2: Click EXPORT CONFIG and wait for it to show successfully Export. Then the file will be saved to Http Injector Folder inside your SD card or internal memory.

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  1. what is remote proxy please help

  2. can you make a config file for me please
    my network's free host is

  3. step 4 remote ip and port what is that?

  4. i dont no how to get ssh username n password..please teach tell me..

  5. Where can I get a working proxy and port?

    1. add me on FB my Account : https://www.facebook.com/MrAnDroid.VIP

  6. step 5...can i oit my own username and password or it should be like the pic says?

  7. Step 5..can i put my own username and password?

  8. Where to find an active HOST (PayloadGenerator)?

    1. if you have any free server in your country you can use it eg. free.facebook.com

  9. Replies
    1. until now no one shares a tutorial how to find a working payload.. thats what Im also trying to figure out.. T.T

  10. what's the latest payload generator this time guys? just needing.

  11. will this proxy and port will work for nepal?

  12. Where did you get the remote proxy? Or where could I find some remote proxy? Pls? Answer my question, alot of their question is about the remote proxy and payloader? But you're not fully teaching us everything to know how to make an ehi file? Like where just on the tip of the iceberg.. I've been making ehi files but always failed because no one ever show or teaches how or where to find a working remote proxy it always prostate me of seeing many tutorials about making ehi files but no one ever teach or tell where to find a working remote proxy.. I hope you light some answers to my question's.. thank you and more power

    1. For remote proxy you can get it on proxy site like: https://proxyrox.com

  13. @Farouk Ahmad

    Do you have telegram link, which i can reach you through it?

  14. Hi,

    Under step 5, what would be the password? Should I make my own password?

  15. i m indonesian....please send ....how free internet 0 quota lifetime with configuration http projetor for pc thanks


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