In our last post we show you how to share your mobile VPN network to your Pc using pdanet+ software. A friend from your whatsapp group share another super-fast tethering app that works perfect without any limitation, this app is called DF Tethering Fix.

DF Tethering Fix allows you to remove limitation on tethering imposed by android and let you use your mobile Vpn networks such as Psiphon, OpenVpn, Tweakware etc. You can share the network using your mobile hotspot.

Advantage of DF Tethering Fix app

1. You don't need to install any apps on the device you want to share the network to

2. It has no limitation

Note: This app works on rooted device only not like pdanet+. To enjoy this app you need to root your mobile device.
If you want to root your android device click HERE

How it Works.

Click HERE to download DF Tethering Fix app on your android device

Now go to your Mobile settings, under Tethering and portable hotspots turn your Wi-Fi hotspot ON

Then lunch the DF Tethering app on your phone

Click on FIX TETHERING until Tethering Fixed show up

Now go to your pc and turn on you Wi-Fi and search for the network and click your pc with it

Note: Make sure your vpn software is connected

That's all


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  1. I use psiphon. Tried this. Its showing no internet access. What's good?

    1. disconnect your connection and connect again

    2. Uh, I tried that severally it didn't work, its starting to frustrate me. Anyway, can the psiphon unlimited thing work on a laptop? Can you put me through that instead?

  2. Surfed briefly and stopped till dis minute.

  3. i am using simple server and autoproxy , mine is not working, it shows buy.etisalat page on pc

  4. Is there a way I can use Mtn 2go mb on my system and with tweakware on my phone? If yes please help me with the settings thanks.

  5. Please its not working on infinix hot note 2, using 4.4.2 please what can i do?


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