As we use our unlimited internet always, we stream and download large files with it on our android devices, you will notice a warning on notification bar of your device saying ''Data usage warning'' and this is due to over use of data on your device and you have the limit set on your device.So if you don't know how to remove this warning and increase your data usage this post belong to you.

How To Increase and Remove Data usage warning alert

1. Go to your phone’s settings under wireless & networks and locate Data usage or on your Home screen, pull down the notification bar and locate Data usage.


2.Tap on “Data Usage. And it will show you the screen where you can monitor the amount of data usage you have incurred.

3.Increase the warning threshold. By doing that it will resets the data limit and the warning threshold is represented by an orange warning bar, just drag and peg the bar to an amount that is higher than the data you’ve already used or even to the limit you want. This should effectively stop data-usage warnings from appearing on your notification bar.

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