We now create a page for all working proxy servers that are available for users that use free vpn software such as Simple Server, PsiPhon, OepnVPN and JWP.This page will provide and keep you up-to-date with the List of all working proxy servers and download links for all the working config files.

Why we create this page?
1.To show our visitors current status of all working proxy server
2. To make things easier when looking for working proxy, and you don't need the search for the post that contain the working server
3.Keep our proxy servers up to date 

Where To Locate the Page
When you visit ufarblog.com homepage on  Mobile phone, Click categories List  the page is located there.

When you visit ufarblog.com homepage on PC, the page is located on the Page tab.

Click HERE to visit our Free Proxy Server Page Now

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