We have more than four vpn software’s now to use and and enjoy unlimited free with Etisalat social pack, Now is left for you guys to choose the best among them. Simple server, Psiphon and OpenVPN are working perfectly. Today another Vpn landed which is well known as JWP. JWP is back and better with Etisalat and Mtn on Android devices.

How To Use JWP with ETISALAT Social Pack

Dial *200*3*3*2*1*1# to subscribe for etisalat social pack cost N50 or N100

Mobile Settings


Port: 8080

Now Click HERE to download and install JWP app for android.

How To Configure JWP for Etisalat Social Pack

Now open the installed JWP and click on menu=>Settings

Set the settings as follows:


Port: 3128

Inject host: mobile.facebook.com

Note: You can replace the proxy and port with any working one

Go back to the main screen and click connect button and the application should connect.
Once connected, You are good to go. Minimize and enjoy browsing.

Note: If your JWP is not reading kilobyte or stopped connecting just restart your phone and connect again.

Enjoy your unlimited browsing with JWP

Click HERE to downlaod ufarblog android app for better browsing
  1. My is connected but d sent n received signal did not read bytes n kilobytes at all.plz help

    1. This proxy is no longer working, change new one and restart your phone


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