SaveFrom.net makes downloading from the internet convenient and simple. With savefrom.net you can download audio, video, and other types of files from various websites and social networks:
facebook,rapidshare,youtube, and other.

The reason why i choose savefrom.net
1.Fast and convenient access from an address line.
2.Download video directly from any Internet page.
3.Receive the list of links for downloading in case of several videos being present on a single web-page.
4.When downloading from youtube.com, you receive video in high quality.
5.When downloading from file-hosting, you don't need to wait or install additional adware programs.

How it works

1st way: Enter the URL-address in the input field at the top of the main page and press Enter or click on the button to the right of the input field.

2nd way: Add SS before the URL and press Enter. example: ssyoutube.com/watch?v=9eTySrbUkXY

3rd way: Use our browser addon to download in 1 click.

How to Install savefrom.net on mobile devices
Android users can install experimental version of the Opeara Mobile browser, which supports extensions. SaveFrom.net assistant works in it.

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