Before it's impossible to install a fully functional version of the original Google Play Store on a Blackberry device.But today i show a post from at crackberry on how to install google playstore on blackberry Z10 so that you can browse and download your favorite apps, games, movies, music or books from playstore.

How to install playstore on blackberry 10

You need to download  3 files listed below to your Blackberry device.

After successful downloading, the names of the file will changed to:


Now install and run the files in the described order below:
Step 1: Add a Google system account to your device.
Install com.google.android.gsf.login. Run the app and login with your Google credentials. The app will close (minimize) if the step completed successfully.

Step 2: Register your device with Google Play.
Install cobalt.blackberry.googleID. Run the app and register your device with Google Play. Close the app after successfull registration.

Step 3: Install Google Play Store.
Install com.android.vending. Run and enjoy the Play Store! 

Note: 1.All 3 apps MUST remain installed on your device otherwise Google Play store will not work.
          2.Play Store works with all Blackberry devices running OS 10.3 and better. OS 10.2.x is not    supported

Credits goes to Colbalt 232 of CrackBerry.
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