Virtual Private Networks (VPN) software enables users to connect anonymously to any public/shared network and you can be able to send and receive data through an encrypted point to point connection enjoying full security, privacy and functionality.
Today i will like to introduce a new vpn software that you can use for free to secure your internet connection and get access to many website that you can not access then when you use your normal country ip address location. As many vpn users pay for vpn service everyday to have access to their us PayPal account and many more.

Psiphon vpn make thing easier for us as we can now use it on pc to have access to such website that can not be access with our normal country ip. And we can even use our normal simple server connetion to connect our psiphon vpn software and use any server we wish to use using psiphon vpn.

How to connect Psiphon vpn with Simple server
If you don't know how to use simple server with MTN Bblite click HERE

Click HERE to downlaod Psiphon vpn for pc
Then connect your simple server using MTN Bblite
And open Psiphon for pc and configure it as shonw below:

Select any server you wish to use
Under upstream Proxy
Port: 8080
 Click connect and wait for it to show connected

Now open your Internet explorer browser and configure internet option as shown below
Under proxy server
Tick use proxy server for this connection
Port: 8080
Note: Configuring Internet explorer will serve as your system proxy setting for your pc

Now configure your Mozilla firefox browser connection settings as use system proxy setting

Now open your Mozilla firefox browser and goto ip2location.com to check your location when using Psiphon vpn.
Enjoy Free vpn

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  1. It will work with Mozilla unless u change the settings to >>use system setting more tricks at www.techfashy.com

  2. Does it power all background app??
    Like updates

    1. It help us to hide ID and use another server location

  3. It help us to hide ID and use another server location


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