Now we assume that we all knows how to root MTK device and generate a valid imei from our previous tutorial, but if we didn't start the tutorial with just click the link now to join us on Learn how to start tweaking (Tutorial) A-Z 
How to change the imei of MTK devices
Now we assume we generate a Full IMEI Number using Imei analyzer and we want to change our normal MTK imei number to another imei. There are two reason why we change our device imei
1.We change our MTK device imei to blackberry imei so that we can use Glo bis on our device
2.We change our MTK device imei to another device imei so that we can get free data offer from network providers.
This are the only reason why we change our device imei.

Now we have two different method to change MTK device imei, we can use pc or mobile  to change our imei.

To change our MTK device imei on pc

I normally use MTK Droid Tools to change imei on pc especially when it comes to changing of imei of MTK device to blackberry imei.
How to do it
You need MTK Droid Tools v2.5 click HERE to download it 
Android ADB Driver – Download Adb Driver Installer (Universal) click HERE
Remember to back up your phone
Also make sure you write down your Original IMEI and keep it safe.
Now Follow the Steps below to change your imei
1 .Extract and open the MTKDroidTools.exe be sure to run it as an Administrator
2. Plug in your phone and be sure you have already root your phone and have installed the correct Driver for your phone. Once you have open the MTK Droid Tools it must detect the information of your Device.
Once it has detected your phone information you will notice your IMEI will show there but if you have error it will not show there and we will use this tool to restore it.
3. Next you need to click the ROOT button so that it will temporary have Root shell access on your phone in order for it to make the script work on the background. The color will change from yellow to green. It will prompt this window to gain root shell access
Once you have the root shell access click the IMEI/NVRAM button and a new window will show
4.  Now all you need to do is put your 15 Digits IMEI Number you generated earlier
Note:IMEI 1 DENOTES SIM 1 AND IMEI 2 DENOTES SIM 2. So change accordingly Then Press    the REPLACE IMEI button and it will prompt you this window that it will replace your existing one
After that just reboot your phone and your Imei will completely change
How to change MTK device imei using mobile phone
Changing MTK device imei using mobile phone the common way and the must popular method because majority of tweakers use this method.
Changing Imei of android device is very simple, it takes less than 5minute and the simple software i use is MTK Engineering mode to change my device Imei.
How to change Imei
1.Click HERE to download MTK Engineering mode for your device
2.Open/Lunch the MTK Engineering Mode on your phone.
3.Click/Select MTK Settings.
4.Navigate left to Connectivity.
5.On the connectivity panel, select CDS Information.
6.On the CDS section, select Radio Information.
7.Now, select either the Phone1 or Phone2, depending on whichever SIM you wish to change its IMEI.

8.On this page, click on the AT+. About four (4) options should be presented to you, just choose either of this options below:

AT+ EGMR=1,7,""   for  Phone 1    
AT+ EGMR=1,10,""  for Phone 2

Now put the IMEI you wish to change to in between this signs "" above.

9. Now, tap/click the Send AT Command option
Now reboot your phone and dial *#06# to check your IMEI number
You can click HERE to watch a video on how to change MTK device imei using MTK engineering mo.
Now i hope with this tutorial you can be able to change any MTN device imei? 
So let us practice it now to see how far we go.
Let us tweak and get 250mb + 100mb free data from MTN on thesame sim card and you will have 350mb on your sim card.
How To get Free MTN 250mb 
Tweak this imei 356181043500204 Change the last 6digit using imei anlyser
After successful tweaking
Send NOKIA to 131
And you will recieve your Free 250MB

How To get Free MTN 100mb on the same sim
 Tweak this Imei 359767053601168 change the last 6digit using your imei analyzer
After successful tweaking
Send SMART to 131
And you will receive another Free 100mb


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