If you are new user of simple server and you don't know how to edit your server on simple server, don't worry this post belong to you. I will show you steps on how to edit the server and replace it with new one.

 For PC Users
Goto your simple server folder and open it, and you will see 2 files inside just click on the second simple server file that has 1kb size

Now it will open a note, now look for VALHDR0 and IQUERY and replace the server4.operami.com with the one you want and save it.

 you are done now then you can start your browsing.

For Android Users
 Open your installed Simple server for android

Now look for Injection Query/URL and replace server4.operamini.com with the one you want

Then look for Injection Host and replace server4.operamini.com with the one you want
Now you are done and you can start enjoying new server 
Click HERE to view the list of current server working
  1. Bro my mtn sim cannot browser, I've send data on and reset to 131 countless number of times bt still not working...help ur guys

  2. How to replace string in pc simple server ?
    i mean https to http.how to write in simple server??


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